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Ruang Teologi 2012

a. SAGE News:


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Jurnal teologi yg ada di SAGE:

Biblical Theology Bulletin: A Journal of Bible and Theology
Currents in Biblical Research
The Expository Times: International Journal of Biblical Studies, Theology and Ministry
Feminist Theology
Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology
Irish Theological Quarterly
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha
Studies in Christian Ethics
Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses
Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies
Theology & Sexuality
Theology Today


PANEL Society of Biblical Literature – San Francisco 2011 – CROSSAN, EHRMAN, LEVINE, WRIGHT


Arsip tesis dan disertasi dari University of Leeds, University of Sheffield, dan University of York. Banyak tesis dan disertasi biblika di situ. Gratis.

d. Ingat James Barr? Yang 2 bukunya, Fundamentalisme & Alkitab di Dunia Modern, diterbitkan BPK Gunung Mulia dulu? Hari ini, 14 Oktober 2011, merupakan peringatan 5 tahun kematiannya.


Jangan batasi dirimu pada textual apparatusnya NA27 doang. Cek juga transkripsi salinan manuskrip dimaksud / The Virtual Manuscript Room

f. The Israel Museum (kata Prof. Jim West baru rilis hari ini): Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project, allowing users to examine and explore these most ancient manuscripts from Second Temple times at a level of detail never before possible. Developed in partnership with Google, the new website gives users access to searchable, fast-loading, high-resolution images of the scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history. The Dead Sea Scrolls, which include the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence, offer critical insight into Jewish society in the Land of Israel during the Second Temple Period, the time of the birth of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism. Five complete scrolls from the Israel Museum have been digitized for the project at this stage and are now accessible online.

“We are privileged to house in the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book the best preserved and most complete Dead Sea Scrolls ever discovered,” said James S. Snyder, Anne and Jerome Fisher Director of the Israel Museum. “They are of paramount importance among the touchstones of monotheistic world heritage, and they represent unique highlights of our Museum’s encyclopedic holdings. Now, through our partnership with Google, we are able to bring these treasures to the broadest possible public.”

The five Dead Sea Scrolls that have been digitized thus far include the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll, the Temple Scroll, and the War Scroll, with search queries on sending users directly to the online scrolls. All five scrolls can be magnified so that users may examine texts in exacting detail. Details invisible to the naked eye are made visible through ultra-high resolution digital photography by photographer Ardon Bar-Hama– at 1,200 mega pixels each, these images are almost two hundred times higher in resolution than those produced by a standard camera. Each picture utilized UV-protected flash tubes with an exposure of 1/4000th of a second to minimize damage to the fragile manuscripts. In addition, the Great Isaiah Scroll may be searched by column, chapter, and verse, and is accompanied by an English translation tool and by an option for users to submit translations of verses in their own languages.

“The Dead Sea Scrolls Project with the Israel Museum enriches and preserves an important part of world heritage by making it accessible to all on the internet,” said Professor Yossi Matias, Managing Director of Google’s R&D Center in Israel. “Having been involved in similar projects in the past, including the Google Art Project, Yad Vashem Holocaust Collection, and the Prado Museum in Madrid, we have seen how people around the world can enhance their knowledge and understanding of key historical events by accessing documents and collections online. We hope one day to make all existing knowledge in historical archives and collections available to all, including putting additional Dead Sea Scroll documents online.”

The Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project is funded by George Blumenthal and the Center for Online Judaic Studies, which first envisioned the project in order to make these manuscripts widely accessible and to create an innovative resource for scholars and the public alike. Dr. Adolfo D. Roitman, Lizbeth and George Krupp Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Head of the Shrine of the Book, and Dr. Susan Hazan, Curator of New Media and Head of the Museum’s Internet Office, directed the project for the Israel Museum, working in collaboration with Eyal Fink, Technical Lead, and Eyal Miller, New Business Development Manager, at Google’s R&D Center in Israel

Digital photography and video essays, Ardon Bar-Hama

Videos, Eytan Harris/ English translation of the Great Isaiah Scroll (Masoretic Version), Portions copyright © 1997 by Benyamin Pilant, All Rights Reserved. JPS Electronic Edition Copyright © 1998 by Larry Nelson, All Rights Reserved

We are grateful to Peter W. Flint, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair in Dead Sea Scrolls Studies, Professor of Biblical Studies, Trinity Western University, Langley, Canada for his English translation of the Great Isaiah Scroll.

Head of Computer and Information Systems, Israel Museum, Doron Eisenhamer

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls site designed and developed by the Israel Museum, New Media Unit directed by Dr. Susan Hazan, front-end development, Webmaster, Avi Rosenberg, website design, Haya Sheffer, editing, Varda Speigel, and Hanna Caine-Braunschvig.

Irene Lèwitt, Photography Assistant, Shrine of the Book

Nancy Benowitz, English editing of background texts

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls promotional video, Aaron Producer Hutchinson, Producer, SHAW Joseph Shaw, Camera Operator, Across the Ponds Productions, UK

About the Dead Sea Scrolls
Dating from the third century BCE to the first century CE, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves on the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea. The manuscripts are generally attributed to an isolated Jewish sect, referred to in the scrolls as “the Community,” who settled in Qumran in the Judean desert.

The Israel Museum has been home to the Dead Sea Scrolls since its opening in 1965. The light-sensitive scrolls are housed and exhibited in the Shrine of the Book, designed by Armand Bartos and Frederic Kiesler, whose signature dome evokes the lids of the jars in which the scrolls were found. The scrolls that are now digitized and accessible through the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project include:

The Great Isaiah Scroll, inscribed with the Book of Isaiah and dating from ca. 125 BCE, is the only complete ancient copy of any biblical book in existence. The War Scroll dates to the late first century BCE or early first century CE and describes a confrontation between the “Sons of Light” and the “Sons of Darkness”, which would last forty-nine years, ending with the victory of the “Sons of Light” and the restoration of Temple practice according to their beliefs. The Temple Scroll, from the early first century CE, claims to provide the details of God’s instructions for the construction and operation of the Temple in Jerusalem. Written on animal skin only one-tenth of a millimeter thick, the Temple Scroll is the thinnest parchment scroll ever found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Community Rule sheds light on the Community’s way of life, dealing with subjects such as the admission of new members, conduct at communal meals, prayer, cleansing rituals, and theological doctrines. The Commentary on Habakkuk interprets the first two chapters of the biblical book of the prophet Habakkuk in a unique style that makes it a key source of knowledge of the spiritual life of the secluded Qumran community, shedding light on the community’s perception of itself.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Israel Museum is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel and is ranked among the leading art and archaeology museums in the world. Founded in 1965, the Museum houses encyclopedic collections ranging from prehistory through contemporary art and includes the most extensive holdings of Biblical and Holy Land archaeology in the world, among them the Dead Sea Scrolls. In just 45 years, the Museum has built a far-ranging collection of nearly 500,000 objects through an unparalleled legacy of gifts and support from its circle of patrons worldwide. In 2010, the Museum completed a comprehensive renewal of its campus led by James Carpenter Design Associates, New York, and Efrat-Kowalsky Architects, Tel Aviv, including the creation of new galleries, orientation facilities, and public spaces, and the complete reinstallation of its encyclopedic collections. The Museum also organizes and presents programming at its off-site locations in Jerusalem at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, where it presents archaeological artifacts from the Land of Israel, and at its historic Ticho House in downtown Jerusalem, a venue for exhibitions of contemporary Israeli art.

Google Inc.
Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Google’s innovations in web search and advertising have made its website a top internet property and its brand one of the most recognized in the world. For more information, visit

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls/

g. Weits, mendadak barusan di Gmail gue tiba2 ada Google ads dari Ngakunya punya sumber daya tekstual yang luas ttg etika. Kayaknya menarik banget nih buat daftar. Di iklannya ada dosen org Indonesianya lagi, fam Ludji, saudaranya Pak Barnabas kali ya? Sejauh ini JBL, JTS, dll ada arsipnya. BTB masih 0. Masih banyak lagi yg blm gue cek. Cepetan daftar deh, mumpung gratis. Dia jg promo ini jejaring global buat diskusi dll. dalam aplikasi etika, ga cuma koleksi jurnal. Siapa tahu ada yg minat.
Global Ethics – 2.0

h. Versi dari gratisan untuk BHS, NA27, UBS4, LXX dll – (minus critical apparatusnya) di situs resmi Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft di… Bahasa pendukung English. Yang penting PC Anda sudah mendukung unicode, Windows 7 ke atas pasti. Kalau mau kopi mungkin coba pake webcrawler, ga jamin tapinya. Versi bahasa pendukung Jermannya di sini: Jangan lupa juga The Bible Lexicon dari Wibilex:… Academic Bible: Online Bibles

i. Jangan lupa Volume 8 jg sudah mulai dirilis. Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism Volume 7 (2010) (PDF).
7.1 Craig A. Smith The Development of Style (Fifth Century BCE to Second Century CE) and the Consequences for Understanding the Style of the New Testament
7.2 Michael Meerson One God Supreme: A Case Study of Religious Tolerance and Survival
7.3 Craig S. Keener The Pillars and the Right Hand of Fellowship in Galatians 2.9
7.4 Craig S. Keener The Nativity Cave and Gentile Myths
7.5 Greg Goswell Ancient Patterns of Reading: The Subdivision of the Acts of the Apostles in Codex Sinaiticus
7.6 Jintae Kim The Concept of Atonement in the Qumran Literature and the New Covenant
7.7 Nijay K. Gupta and Fredrick J. Long The Politics of Ephesians and the Empire: Accommodation or Resistance?
7.8 Craig S. Keener Note on Athens: Do 1 Corinthians 16.15 and Acts 17.34 Conflict?
7.9 Craig S. Keener The Plausibility of Luke’s Growth Figures in Acts 2.41; 4.4; 21.20
7.10 Craig S. Keener Acts 10: Were Troops Stationed in Caesarea during Agrippa’s Rule?
Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and

j. Buat sebagian, ini mungkin menarik. Tapi kalo lo pas baca dua baris pertama aja ud bosen bahkan muntah-muntah, ke laut aja lo.

Jadi ceritanya begini. Gue kayaknya curiga SBL sempet plin-plan soal akses jurnal JBL. Dulu sempat dibatasi lewat ATLA doang (buat yg langganan hardcopy) plus bbrp hosting lainnya, abis itu sebagian edisi digratisin buat kita-kita, sekarang akhirnya dibatasi lagi. Kalo kagak salah, selain lewat ATLA, ada juga lewat JStor (edisi lawas s/d 2007), dan Project MUSE (2011 ke atas). Sekarang, kalo kita pelototin link…, ga ada lagi link buat download arsip JBL. Puji syukur kepada Tuhan, rupanya arsip PDF volume 119.1 (2000) hingga 130.2 (2011) saat ini masih tetep nangkring di server SBL, cuma link download-nya aja yang dilenyapkan. File2 itu ada di folder sayangnya, isinya apa aja ga bisa kita intip. Yang pasti, kalo mo download, tinggal kopi alamat2 berikut: di… sampe… Pokoknya ingat aja JBL ada 4 edisi per volume, jadi abis 1194 langsung 1201 dst. Tinggal kopi link di atas ke address bar lalu setelah selesai download 1 file kutak-katik sedikit lalu enter. Besarnya rata-rata antara 2 sampe 7 Megabyte. Kecuali 126.3 yang sekitar 35 Megabyte. Tapi ingat, gue ga tahu sampai kapan arsip 119.1 sampe 130.2 ini bakal nangkring terus, jadi downloadlah cepat2.
SBL Publications

k. Project MUSE mengadakan ujicoba pada situs Beta-nya. Di situ ada beberapa buku teologi gratis format PDF, sayang kali ini jurnalnya kagak kalo ga lewat proxy universitas tertentu. Memang tidak banyak, tapi lumayanlah. Lihat di terutama di Tab “Religion”, “Philosophy” dll. ya. Salam./

l. Cuma ngingetin, kalo ada yang suka NTS, HTR, dan beberapa jurnal cambridge lainnya, akses gratis arsip artikel keluaran 2009-2010 bakalan abis 30 Agustus ini. LIhat di sini ya… /

m.… Buku “KERAJAAN MESIAS” Telaah Kritis Kitab Amos, Yesaya dan Mikha, merupakan karya Bpk. Barnabas Ludji , pribadi yang tidak asing bagi Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Cipanas. Menjelaskan Kerajaan Mesias dari 3 Kitab PL, ditulis dengan padat dan jelas, membuat pembaca buku ini akan memahami secara tepat apa itu yang dimaksud dengan Kerajaan Mesias. Mencari kontinuitas makna Kerajaan Mesias pada masyarakat di masa nabi Amos, Yesaya dan Mikha dengan masyarakat kini pada Tahun 2011, sangat menarik. Selamat Membaca ! Kerajaan Mesias: Telaah Kritis Kitab Amos, Yesaya dan Mikha Kerajaan Mesias has 0 ratings and 0 reviews: Published 1999 by Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Jakarta, 50 pages,

n. Menyedihkan memang jika penjajahan dan perbudakan terjadi, tetapi tragedi yang sangat mengerikan terjadi ketika “Yang Dijajah” dan “Yang Diperbudak” berteriak “Merdeka”, pada situasi semacam itu, maka yang paling menari-nari riang gembira adalah koruptor, seraya berkata “Lanjutkan Korupsinya..!!!” Sederhana saja, apakah pantas bangsa dan negara terkorup ini menyandang predikat bangsa dan negara merdeka? Melalui buku “On Revolution” Karya Hannah Arendt, kita menelusuri sendi-sendi Revolusi Amerika dan Revolusi Perancis, membaca buku ini akan membuka mata kita untuk memahami apa itu Merdeka? Dan Revolusi adalah satu-satunya jalan meraih Kemerdekaan, tinggal bagaimana kita menemukan perbedaan lalu menentukan pilihan antara sejarah Revolusi Perancis dan Revolusi Amerika, Selamat Membaca ! On Revolution (Penguin Classics)/

o. Dimana sebenarnya letak kekuatan rakyat ketika melawan penguasa korup? Apakah letak kekuatan itu pada senjata atau pada solidaritas seluruh rakyat? Apakah Indonesia memiliki modal solidaritas ini, ketika ingin melawan penguasa korup? Melalui buku “People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity” kita memahami bahwa letak kekuatan kita justru bukan pada senjata, melainkan pada Solidaritas. Singkatnya, Tidak ada perubahan tanpa revolusi dan tidak ada revolusi tanpa solidaritas. Solidaritas adalah pondasi sebuah negara dan bangsa yang berdaulat. Lalu bagaimana memiliki solidaritas itu? Selamat Membaca. People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity/

p. Keramahan menjadi sangat langka, ketika bahasa kekerasan mendominasi setiap percakapan, khususnya agama, penggunaan kekerasan, senjata, caci maki, sumpah serapah dan pelecehan dilakukan beriringan dengan ritual-ritual keagamaan, di sini negativitas menjadi ritual, bahkan menjadi suci karena dipercaya sebagai Kehendak Tuhan, sedikit pun pelaku kekerasan tidak merasa berdosa, justru sebaliknya merasa “Suci”. Apakah masih ada ruang “Keramahan” saat epidemi kekerasan kian mengkhawatirkan ? Melalui buku ini setidaknya kita memahami makna “Keramahan” saat berhadapan dengan negativitas. Tetapi identitas keramahan seperti apa yang hendak diwujudkan oleh penulis buku ini? Apakah identitas klasik seperti exclusivism, inclusivism, pluralism, atau particularism merupakan identitas yang ramah? Atau masih ada Identitas yang lebih ramah? Selamat Membaca. Fragile Identities: Towards a Theology of Interreligious Hospitality. (Currents of Encounter)./

q. Pedagogi hati menyajikan pandangan yang eksplisit tentang dunia, tentang politik, dan tentang nilai-nilai. Buku ini memikirkan, dalam arti yang paling positif, tentang membangun jembatan-jembatan, dan jalan-jalan di tengah bebauan dan selera-selera semasa kecil, tentang membentuk dan mengubah pendidikan, tentang dinamika teknologi dunia modern, ketidakadilan dan absurditasdi bidang ekonomi, usaha mencari alternatif-alternatif politis, dan komitmen pribadi yang terkandung dalam usaha pencarian itu. / Pedagogi hati – Paulo Freire

r.  Buku George J. Aditjondro terbaru “Cikeas Kian Menggurita” menggambarkan bahwa Politik adalah Bisnis semata, sebagai alat Kapitalisme di Indonesia untuk beranak-pinak, tak terkecuali korporasi Cikeas yang semakin menggurita. Sepertinya kekuasaan dari aliansi antara Pengusaha dan Politisi semakin sulit dijatuhkan, karena sudah di dukung oleh TNI-POLRI sekaligus para Birokrat Negara, sehingga korupsi sulit diberantas. Penyelenggara negara baik Eksekutif, Legislatif dan Yudikatif ramai-ramai mencuri uang rakyat melalui proyek-proyek yang dibiayai oleh uang negara yang berasal dari pajak artinya uang rakyat. Dari sekian banyak pengusaha, beberapa saya melihat pengusaha-pengusaha Kristen juga, yang pada saat Pemilu habis-habisan mendukung SBY-Boediono, padahal jelas sekali terjadi pelanggaran, tetapi tidak diproses secara hukum dikarenakan aparat penegak hukum pun sudah terkooptasi oleh kekuatan modal pengusaha pro SBY yang meraup keuntungan ketika perusahaan mereka mendapatkan proyek dari pemerintah. Selamat Membaca.

s. Yang paling merasakan dampak kapitalisme adalah lingkungan hidup, eksploitasi besar-besaran terhadap sumber daya alam demi keuntungan finansial, mengantarkan manusia pada kehidupan yang mengerikan, khususnya krisis lingkungan hidup, jelas ini berdampak pada masa depan kehidupan manusia. Melalui buku ini kita diberikan 2 pilihan apakah memilih untuk mengakhiri ekspansi kapitalisme atau menghadapi bencana alam terus menerus yang dipahami sebagai “The end of the world”. Apa yang dipilih sangat menentukan masa depan kehidupan, tetapi pada saat ini, khususnya di Indonesia Kapitalisme masih menjadi pilihan, maka resiko yang harus kita hadapi adalah semakin merosotnya penghargaan kepada Lingkungan Hidup. / The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World?, Second Edition/

t. Buku renungan “life expedition” karya Ibu Astri Sinaga dan Ibu Casthelia Kartika dua orang yang sangat dekat dengan Civitas Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Cipanas. Buku ini terbagi menjadi empat bagian perjalanan, yaitu: panggilan hidup, persekutuan dan persahabatan, pelayanan, dan hidup yang berintegritas. Berisi sebanyak 52 renungan dengan pertanyaan eksploratif dan pertanyaan reflektif, yang dapat menjadi sumber inspirasi di setiap minggu sepanjang satu tahun. Bab 1: Panggilan hidup – 13 Bab 2: Persekutuan dan persahabatan – 67 Bab 3: Pelayanan – 121 Bab 4: Hidup yang berintegritas – 175

t.… Buku “Bunga Rampai Teologi Perjanjian Lama” Karya Pdt. Yonky Karman, pribadi yang tidak asing lagi bagi Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Cipanas. Menelusuri apa saja keunikan dari teologi perjanjian lama, lalu melakukan refleksi teologis, dari setiap teologi yang ditemukan pada kitab-kitab Perjanjian Lama. Selamat Membaca,
.:: BPK Gunung Mulia – Online Bookstore ::./ /…

u. Membicarakan ”pilar keempat demokrasi” (the fourth estate of democracy) yaitu pers. Mengapa Perdana Menteri I India Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1964) pernah berkata: “Saya lebih memilih pers yang sepenuhnya bebas dengan segala bahaya yang dikandungnya, ketimbang pers yang diatur dan ditindas.“ ? Bahkan negarawan Amerika Serikat, Thomas Jefferson, yang berujar:”When it is left me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate to prefer the letter” (“Jika saya ditanya mana yang akan saya pilih, pemerintahan tanpa surat kabar atau surat kabar tanpa pemerintah, tanpa ragu saya akan memilih yang terakhir”. Jika anda penasaran, silahkan baca analisa dari Bapak Victor Silaen, pribadi yang tidak asing lagi di Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Cipanas dan juga di kalangan akademisi khususnya politik. Selamat Membaca. Victor Silaen’s Page — Rangkuman Tulisan dan Pemikiran Seorang Victor Silaen (VS) /

v. Buku ini ditulis oleh Jon Sobrino, teolog pembebasan, untuk memahami theodicy justru dari seseorang yang mengalami langsung epidemi kejahatan dan penderitaan. //Where Is God?: Earthquake, Terrorism, Barbarity, and Hope./

w. Hermeneutika yang sangat baik untuk menumbuhkan kesadaran bahwa krisis ekologi memang semakin mengkhawatirkan..semoga Gereja dan aktivis LSM Protestan menjadi peran utama untuk melestarikan serta memperbaiki ekosistem di sekitarnya… Ecological Hermeneutics: Biblical, Historical and Theological Perspectives

x. Buku yang baik untuk dibaca, siapa saja yang mencintai lingkungan sama seperti mencintai Tuhan dan sesama. Ecotheology and the Practice of Hope (Suny Series on Religion and the Environment). Looks at how ecotheology has created a new vision of the natural world and the place of humans within it.

y. Jadi ingat masa-masa idealis saat diskusi di kampus STT Cipanas. Introducing Liberation Theology/ This work deals with the basic questions that are tackled by liberation theology – oppression, violence, domination and marginalization. It then goes on to show how the Christian faith can be used as an agent in promoting social and individual liberation, and how faith and politics relate.

z. In the beginning. In the Beginning. Karen Armstrong/ The foundation stone of Jewish and Christian scriptures, the power of the “Book of Genesis” lies in its stories – “Creation”, “the Fall”, “Cain and Abel”, “Noah”, “Abraham”, “Jacob” and “Joseph”. These ancient tales illuminate some of our most enduring and profound problems: cowardice, the struggle.

z.1. Buku yang baik untuk memahami posisi teologi anda sudah sampai dimana..? The God Delusion
A preeminent scientist — and the world’s most prominent atheist — asserts the irrationality of belief in God and the grievous harm religion has inflicted on society, from the Crusades to 9/11. With rigor and wit, Dawkins examines God in all his forms, from the sex-obsessed tyrant.

The Grand Design THE FIRST MAJOR WORK IN NEARLY A DECADE BY ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT THINKERS—A MARVELOUSLY CONCISE BOOK WITH NEW ANSWERS TO THE ULTIMATE QUESTIONS OF LIFE When and how did the universe begin? Why are we here? Why is there something rather than nothing?

z.3 Pemikiran Bro Gustavo….mencerahkan dan membebaskan. A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics, and Salvation (15th Anniversary Edition with New Introd// This is the credo and seminal text of the movement which was later characterized as liberation theology. The book burst upon the scene in the early seventies, and was swiftly acknowledged as a pioneering and prophetic approach to theology which famously made an option for the poor.

z.4 Habermas and Theology (Philosophy and Theology) Habermas and Theology (Philosophy and Theology): Maureen Junker-Kenny: Books

z.5 Cuma ngingetin, kalo ada yang suka NTS, HTR, dan beberapa jurnal cambridge lainnya, akses gratis arsip artikel keluaran 2009-2010 bakalan abis 30 Agustus ini. LIhat di sini ya…

z.6 yang ini udah ada yg pernah ngumumin belum ya? maaf kalau sudah. Versi daring gratisan untuk BHS, NA27, UBS4, LXX dll. (minus critical apparatusnya) di situs resmi Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft di… Bahasa pendukung English. Yang penting PC Anda sudah mendukung unicode, Windows 7 ke atas pasti. Kalau mau kopi mungkin coba pake webcrawler, ga jamin tapinya. Versi bahasa pendukung Jermannya di sini: Jangan lupa juga The Bible Lexicon dari Wibilex:… Academic Bible: Online Bibles

z.7 Format PDF, jurnal baru, baru 1 edisi. Isi edisi 1 menarik:
Beyond Christianity, the Bible, and the Text: Urgent Tasks and New Orientations for Reception History PDF 1-11
Rethinking Premodern Japanese Buddhist Texts: A Case Study of Prince Shōtoku’s “Sangyō-gisho” PDF Mark Dennis 13-35
David and Jonathan between Athens and Jerusalem PDF James E. Harding 37-92
Life of Brian or Life of Jesus? Uses of Critical Biblical Scholarship and Non-orthodox Views of Jesus in Monty Python’s Life of Brian PDF James G. Crossley 93-114
Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, the Bible, and Docetic Masculinity PDF Gitte Buch-Hansen 115-44
Reading the Bible Intelligently PDF Philip R. Davies
Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception//


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