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16 Januari 2013



Hari ini kurampungkan pengalaman kami selama beberapa minggu di Cibubur Alternatif. Kisah sederhana, namun mampu mengubah suasana tidak akan pernah terlupakan. Kisah awal kami mengarungi perjalanan tahun 2013, dengan harapan besar akan berlanjut sampai usia kami berhenti. Kiranya arus yang tidak terkatakan itu akan selalu diberkati sang Ilahi yang rahimi.

The things that you would get because i am your lover.

1. Hug you every occasion, even until you’re hard to breath.

2. Hold your hand in front of my friends, introduce you to them with very proudly as a part of me.

3. Try so hard to make you smile, even in your worst day, if my joke are failed, i will force you to smile by lift your lips with my finger.

4. Call you in a middle of my activity only to check your latest condition.

5. Secretly smell your body odor.

6. Respect your work, independence and your privacy but still stick up around you when you are down.

7. Sing for you even i know i can’t.

8. I always try to be funny, but seriously, I know when to be serious.

9. Send you simple text *hugs* more than time a day.

10. Send you text message is the second thing that i do in the morning, the first thing is looking find my phone.

11. Like what you love, and won’t hate someone that you loved.

12. Never forget our anniversary, even we don’t get any excitement to celebrate it every month.

13. Always dress properly everytime i walk beside you.

14. Give you my last piece of my favorite food.

15. Let you play with my nephews and niece.

16. Let you know my close friends better.

17. Always make you my priority, but i know exactly what’s my main dream.

We will fight together, fight the distance.

Love and loved by you is the best part of my life.

Do not ever leave and let me alone.

16 Januari 2013/ 03.12-03.47 WIB


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